3. Pets Allowed!

If your dog, cat, bird or …is your companion, why to leave them at home when it is possible to take them with you.
As service to our guest in our beach apartment, we allow you to take your PETS (max 2).
We have some rules and ask a small fee to cover the extra time for cleaning, so the next guests have a 100% clean accommodation again.

Pets allowed beach holiday portugal nazare
Pets allowed at your beach holiday apartment SolMar, close to Nazaré

Don´t forget to discover all the beaches with your dog!

Pets allowed Rules

We don´t like rules, but sometimes it is necessary….

A maximum of 2 pets will be allowed per accommodation. During the booking process you must indicate that you want to bring your pet and what kind of pet(s) you will bring.

Per stay is charged 7,50€/day.

In the accommodation:
Do not allow your pet to sleep on beds or chairs, unless they are covered with their own bedding. Preferably place food and water containers outside. Sand trays should be placed with newspaper underneath for easy cleaning.

During the stay:
Clean your pet’s paws when they are dirty before entering the main door of the building. If your pet does damage anaything to the property, report it immediately and offer to pay for its repair. Prevent annoyance caused by barking, etc.

When you leave the accommodation:
Take the pet with you, avoid to the max leaving your animal unattended. If you must leave, inform us so we are aware in case neighbour call us. E.g. turn on the television or radio to entertain the animal and make sure your pet will not make a mess nor annoye the neighbours with barking, etc.

Public areas:
Always keep your pet close by at the leash and pay attention. Never take him to the communal swimming pool areas. Walk with him favourable outside of the fence of the apartment complex. Keep away from lawns, gardens within the apartment complex and always clean the droppings of your pet.

We reserve the right to request the immediate removal of any animal that shows dangerous or unacceptable behaviour, such as biting, scratching, excessive barking, evidence of illness and urination or defecation in public areas.

Pets allowed…. is nice!

Allowing to take your pet, we hope that your beach holiday will even be more to satisfaction!