4. Incredible beaches of Nazaré

Do you believe it at the beaches of Nazaré ?

The beaches of Nazaré are one of the “bussiest and famous” beaches at the coast line close to the Casa Cantiga holiday accommodations. the town, boulevard and beaches are always full of life from early morning to late evening. Happily still you can not compare it with the large beaches in the Algarve or closer to Lisbon.

World records at Praia do Norte

Next to world records for surving in the highest waves of the world, this time we do not show you the fotos of the biggest waves of the world that occur in the winter period at the North beach of Nazaré. The Nazaré Norte beach offers space for sunbathing, playing, long walks, climbing the rock towards Nazaré down town. You can visit the fort and learn more over the big waves.

beaches of Nazaré
praias nazaré

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